Monday, 5 May 2008

Furry site and my art

as you know I am a good artist, and you must look at my pictures to do this visit my website at or type crazy-nasty-father and a bunch of websites wil come up about me such as youtubeand my deviantART page and when your on tell me what you think of my pictures and to let you know my pictures are for sale as you'll find out anyway and if there is anything you would like just email me at and tell me which picture you want and I'll email it to you, I take cheque only. and if you like my art but here is nothing on my website that you want and you have something in mind I draw requests aswell

About me

hi my name is Maurice and I am a short fat 60 yr old half chinese man with grey hair and blue eyes and f anyone wants to get to know me better add my email address